Improving Life Quality of our neighborhoods

Smarthood aims to help neighborhoods automate administrative tasks for efficiency and security, encourage peer-to-peer commerce, foster community building, nurture community members, integrate smart devices and develop green systems to achieve community sustainability.
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Real time information throughout the community.
Making resources accessible to all members.
Timely Reports for Visibility and better decision making.
Admin Portal
This user-friendly portal allows admins to do easier administrative work, disseminate information, and address the members' concerns immediately and properly.
Member Portal Access
With this access, members could learn more about the resources available in the neighborhood, build relationships in the community, and express their concerns comfortably.
Security Personnel Dashboard
The neighborhood will feel safer with this feature. Security personnel has a convenient way to track the movement of guests, solve complaints and record the schedule of garbage collection.
One-time Setup Fee
The one-time setup includes the initial system configuration and data migration.
As low as
*per lot subscription
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